After completing the architectural design, structural design and interior design steps, choosing a reasonable construction contractor is a top concern for every investor.

Most investors choose construction units through introducing friends, relatives and acquaintances without caring about certain criteria. So how to choose wisely construction contractors?

1. Professional and technical qualifications

Different constructions / projects require different scale, construction techniques and construction experience. Therefore, depending on the requirements of the project, the investor should consider and choose the construction contractor that is suitable with his scale, bringing the quality of construction effectively, on schedule and with high economic efficiency.

A good construction contractor will have a good competence profile with adequate technical expertise and experience, reflected in the works performed, the methods applied, the contractor’s personnel used and the time. construction completion time. Thereby, the investor will be provided with an overview of the quality of construction units and selecting a contractor that best suits his / her project / work.

2. Time of construction

In addition to factors of professional and technical qualifications, the investor must also consider the appropriate construction progress to ensure the quality of the construction work and the economic efficiency brought when the work is completed. put to use.

A professional contractor will certainly be the contractor that provides the investor with a clear construction plan with full content: construction methods, time to complete construction and hand over the works, regulations. How much delay time is maximum.

This can be considered as one of the most prominent criteria to evaluate the quality of contractors. Based on the detailed construction schedule of each item, the investor can monitor, supervise and speed up the construction schedule, ensuring the construction unit will hand over the project on time.

3. Construction cost price

Not every contractor who gives you a more economical construction estimate will be a better quality contractor. Currently, for the sake of economic benefits, many contractors are willing to sift through the quality of construction works in calculating the cost of raw materials, manpower construction costs as well as providing cheap materials with high costs.

A smart investor will be an investor who takes a deep look into the details of the estimate, based on the construction methods provided earlier, a reasonable construction estimate will ensure both the quality of the work at the same time. ensure both economic and investment efficiency.

4. Ensuring labor safety

In addition to issues related to the quality of the work as well as the economic efficiency, the construction unit is more appreciated when paying attention to labor safety issues for their own workers.

Construction units have certain responsibilities for labor safety assurance of construction workers such as buying accident insurance, labor protection equipment, propaganda and training to raise awareness. labor for workers.

This not only contributes to minimize the unfortunate accident affecting the quality of construction works, but at the same time build the reliability of the construction unit itself in the market.

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