Architectural Design

With many years of intensive activities in the field of construction, our company understands the concerns of customers regarding legal issues when implementing projects.

Therefore, we have built a legal consulting department with a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, lawyers and consultants in order to provide customers with comprehensive resonance service with

The most effective solution.


Industrial Construction Design

With human resources with diverse qualifications in the fields of planning, architecture, construction, structure, electromechanical, water supply, drainage, survey and economics. We have been consulting, designing for a series of industrial projects and technical infrastructure throughout the country.

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Civil Engineering Design

Currently, many civil constructions still omit the implementation steps in the design stage. However, this situation leads to imperfect construction, loss of personality or even lack of performance and not high safety. Our services will help customers overcome the current situation, create maximum use, technical safety, aesthetics, cost savings.


Design Of Factory Buildings

We understand better than anyone the design of a factory, a factory is always a complex problem by factors such as scale, floor layout according to operational needs, environmental solutions and many requirements. This stage will create many difficulties for customers specializing in manufacturing and not specializing in construction.


Competitive price

We have the most professional designers, detailed analysis of the structure, a stable material supply chain to ensure that on each project, the Eastern construction make the most advantage of the offer.

Quality assurance

All steel materials and components in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management in manufacturing, reached through the automatic cutting and Assembly of construction precision, Oriental construction materials used strictly in accordance with international standards.

Fast progress

Professional engineering supervision, a large construction team, and constantly introduce the latest construction techniques, from time to time training in project management, taking into account the conditions of safety and quality, guarantee construction period.

Perfect service

All projects are carefully monitored by the project management, in accordance with customer's design and construction, and ensure the quality of construction and upon completion of the works, keeping track of contact problem repaired immediately